Public Contracts Law

The procedures for awarding and executing public contracts are governed by the provisions of Law 4412/2016, while Law 4413/2016 regulates the corresponding procedures for public contracts for the concession of works and services.

With both pieces of legislation, both pieces of legislation include provisions regarding the execution of the stage of the tender process, but also with the execution of the contract itself. Concepts such as a dynamic purchasing system and an electronic process are fully specialized, while it is now required that the process of environmental permits, expropriations and archaeological studies be completed before the tendering of a project can begin. In any case, the new laws clarify the concept of contract modification as to whether and when a new assignment is required.Finally, both laws contain provisions regarding the status of legal protection both during the assignment stage and during the execution stage of the contract.

Our law office provides legal services in issues that arise:

    • When compiling the participation file ("tenders") of participants in a public tender.
    • During the conduct of the award process (i.e. during the stages of i. investigation of all the participation files of the other participants, ii. projection of objections and treatment requests for the exclusion of illegal participants, iii. suspension and iv. cancellation of the tender process)
    • During the pre-contractual audit before the Court of Auditors (revocation requests of the acts of the Levels of the Court of Auditors).  

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