Law of Public Servants

In any case, every employee who is appointed to a public service is assigned certain responsibilities and undertakes certain tasks, with the aim of the proper functioning of the Service to which he has been appointed.

He certainly enjoys certain rights. From the moment someone participates in a competition in order to occupy the position of a public servant until his departure from his position, he may face a variety of issues that may concern e.g. in his appointment, his general service situation, his service changes as well as the disciplinary procedure he may be asked to face.

Our law office, with its many years of experience, provides specialized legal services at every stage, in which the civil servant faces issues with his service, and in particular in matters related to:

  • Appointment, official changes (placement, movement, secondment, transfer and transfer), promotion.
  • Disciplinary offences, disciplinary proceedings and disciplinary penalties of civil servants, such as e.g. availability, coke holiday (investigation of disciplinary file, legal protection to cancel or modify disciplinary penalties).

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