Environmental Law

The rapid development of man's productive activities took place mainly at the expense of the natural environment. Thus was born the need to protect the environment from the severe impact of human activity. For this reason, both at national, European and international level, legal rules were established to protect the environmental good, with the aim of achieving a sustainable residential development (law 2508/1997 and law 4280/2014).

The environment is a complex concept, which includes concepts such as the natural environment and the elements that make it up (soil, water, atmosphere, forests, coastline, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in general), the anthropogenic environment and in particular agricultural holdings, industrial environment , mining areas, man-made lakes and the built environment, the cultural environment, i.e. the cultural heritage from ancient times to the present day.

Our law office provides legal support in matters related to:

  • In the process of locating various productive activities
  • In the process of approving environmental conditions for productive activities (Industrial, construction, quarrying, etc.).
  • In the cancellation of licenses to establish and operate activities due to non-compliance with the conditions for environmental protection.
  • In the protection of the personality from the insult of the environment (lawsuit for insult of the personality, injunctive relief measures).
  • In the sanctioning of Forest Maps/Forestry and screening of objections before their sanctioning.
  • In the characterization of an area as forest and in the possibility of legal protection by projecting objections before the Forest Disputes Committees.
  • In the protection of property from the restrictions placed upon the implementation of the law on the protection of antiquities and in general of our cultural heritage (law 3028/2002).
  • Stream protection.
  • Application of neighboring law (ie legal protection for nuisance from noise, music, smoke and soot, heat, vibration or other similar actions, which originate from a neighboring property).

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