Public right

The person, either as a natural person (individual) or as a legal person (organized business) is always facing the State.

The struggle between the State and the governed becomes unequal, to the detriment of the latter, in the event that he does not turn to a lawyer in order to protect his fundamental rights against the arbitrariness of the Administration.

Our law office provides legal services and solutions to issues that arise in the entire range of citizen relations with the State, such as indicatively:

  • Imposition of fines (e.g. environmental fines, Special Insurance Control Service fines, arbitrary coke manufacturing fines).
  • Licensing of businesses (e.g. pharmacies, industries, crafts, health shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, coke kiosks).
  • Lease of quarry areas.
  • Compensation from actions, omissions and material actions of the State bodies.
  • Social security issues, such as e.g. Annulment of Contribution Enforcement Acts due to non-indication of the insured in the respective tables, awarding of pensions and pensions.
  • Requests for the return of sums, which the citizen unduly pays to the State (e.g. a mortgagee's application to the Ministry of Finance for the return of unduly paid royalties).
  • Providing legal advice for the proper processing of all cases before the Administration.

Our law office provides legal services both during the stage before the appeal to justice and during the stage of legal protection before the courts (Greek and also before the European Court of Human Rights).

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