Industrial Property – Intellectual Property

Any person who has an idea and wants to protect it as well as exploit it can register it and also prohibit other persons from copying it. The same applies to the names and indications he uses in his business (labels) or in his products/services. Likewise, every business wants to protect its products (or services) from competitors and also to prohibit the diversion of its customers from other businesses.

Intangible Property Law (Intellectual Property Law and Industrial Property Law) protects new products, know-how, trademark, patents, inventions and industrial designs. In addition, it includes rules for the protection of intangible assets, i.e. those assets that do not have a specific material form but have a significant property value.

Intellectual property law, which regulates the rules for the protection of human intellectual property, also belongs to the above branch of law on intangible goods. This includes rights arising from works as intellectual creations of speech, art or science, (eg works of literature and art, theatre, photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, databases or computer software).

Our law firm handles cases related to:

  • Legal coverage in cases of product infringement and copying
  • Legal coverage in cases of unfair competition and customer diversion
  • Legal coverage in cases of unfair posting of workers
  • Application for issue/grant of patent/invention
  • Application for issuing/granting a certificate of industrial utility
  • Application for the issuance/granting of an industrial design certificate
  • Application for the registration/granting of a right to a trademark
  • Registration of intellectual property rights
  • Preparation of license agreements
  • Preparation of rights transfer contracts
  • Protection from violations of the above agreements
  • Protection of invention rights
  • Intellectual work protection
  • Trademark protection
  • Transfer and protection of know-how
  • Cancellation of patents or trademarks

On our website there are already publications, e.g. for invention protection (click here and here), for compensation issues (click here and here), for issues of invalidity of a patent (click here), to copy invention (click here) etc.

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